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What is MoodViewer?

MoodViewer is your fully customisable personalised online magazine based only on the Mood you’re in and the subjects that interest you (anything from fashion to sport, music to politics, beauty, entertainment and much more…)

Your Mag is put together just for you from over 2000 different information sources including household names in quality news media and highly specialised blogs, all sorted for you into more than 150 categories and constantly updated in real time.

Read articles, listen to podcasts and watch videos all from one unique page where everything’s possible: share content, save articles for later, go in depth to find out more and enjoy lots of additional awesome features which are sure to surprise you! No more tedious searches for the information that matters: MoodViewer does it for you!

How does it work?

It’s simple, fast and free! In a few seconds, create an account, choose the main subjects that interest you and your own personalised magazine will be created automatically from all the news that corresponds to you.

Why should I download the application?

To get the best out of MoodViewer, download the desktop application. This gives you access to an even more relevant magazine, automatically generated and constantly updated. You also get real-time notifications to stay up to date with the release of new content on your favourite subjects.

Never miss out on the latest current events, big news, or major scoops from now on!